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Why Our eBikes?

Re-define your biking experience

Our Electric Bikes open up a world of possibilities which were either impossible or close to impossible on a conventional bicycle. Obstacles such as hills and lengthy commutes become completely irrelevant! All of our eBikes come with the latest, industry leading pedal assist systems, and throttle options, which allow the rider to conquer the steepest hills and much longer distances with ease and constant speed!

Brands & Components you can trust

We go far and wide to seek out the worlds leading eBike brands and we never settle for anything less. All brands we carry are known for innovation, quality, style and craftsmanship as well as creating bikes which only use brand name components you can trust. Brands such as Shimano, Tektro, Fox Suspension, ROCKSHOX, FSA, Brooks, Schwalbe, DT Swiss, SKS, etc... When it comes to the electric assist / throttle systems only renown brands such as Bosch and Samsung are used!

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Types of eBikes



Everything from Downhill, Enduro to Cross Country we have a wide selection of eBikes which are built and equipped for mild to extreme terrain. These eBikes push the boundaries of the "ordinary" and truly open up a whole new type of all-mountain riding!

Road, Hybrid & Trekking

This is our largest group of eBikes from both Easy Motion and Haibike. Whether you are commuting around town or simply want to experience an elevated form of street riding we can guarantee to have a bike which will match your needs! Our hybrid eBikes are built to perform on both the road and light terrain. Our brands have engineered these bikes to be as light as possible as well as offering high performance components.


With the power of our full-sized eBikes our specialized selection focuses on mobility, convenience and storage. We offer several folding eBikes which can be collapsed in a matter of seconds and stored away easily.



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Certified Bosch Dealer

We have been certified by Bosch USA as an Authorized Bosch Dealer and Bosch Service Center for all Bosch eBike / Pedal assist systems. This ensures specialized service, advice and maintenance by staff trained on Bosch eBike technology.

Exciting Updates!

Haibike XDURO Trekking RX Models are in!
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  We have just re-stocked our selection of the amazing Haibike XDURO Trekking RX hardtails. Since we introduced the Haibikes at our showroom the Trekking RX has been a very hot seller. This bicycle is... Read More

First Look at the EVO 29er!
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  One of the first bikes to arrive from the much anticipated EVO Series was the EVO 29er. Just like the NEO 29er, this is a very solid mountain hard tail which is built to... Read More

The EVO 27.5
| |

One of the most anticipated additions to the new BH Emotion EVO line-up is the EVO 27.5, (also known as the EVO 650B). With fully updated geometry, a strong and burly frame design, (and not... Read More

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